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ASK Wellness Board Application

If you are interested in joining the ASK Wellness board, please read the following and then fill out the application form on this page.
Thank you for considering joining the ASK Wellness Society’s Board of Directors.
This page contains:
- An Overview of the Board Recruitment Process
- Your Application to join the Board
- Overview of the Board Governance Model
- Our Conflict of Interest and Directors Code of Conduct Form - Our Bylaws and Constitution

If you have any questions regarding this package, please contact the Board Chair, Melanie Reed at
Board Recruitment Process
On occasion, the Board of the ASK Wellness Society will seek out or receive applications from individuals in the community who wish to join our Board. As a rule, Directors must be members of the Association in order to serve.

As applications are received they are vetted by the Executive Director and the Chair for fit, skill and eligibility. If there is no open seat on the Board, applicants may be asked to start serving as a volunteer in another area, such as event planning and execution, community engagement etc.

If a seat is available, the Chair will bring forward the candidate(s) to the Board for consideration. The Board will review the application form and decide if the applicant is accepted. The Board may appoint a Director to an open Director’s chair between Annual General Meetings.
If more than one Director have applied and a single seat is available, the Board will have the discretion to choose who will fill the seat and will ask the alternate candidate to stand at the next Annual General Meeting.

If accepted, the Board Member will be required to provide a Criminal Record Check and sign Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest policies. The applicant will meet with the Board Chair and Executive Director for an organizational orientation. At the end of this orientation, the Director will receive a copy of the current Board Manual.
Governance Primer
Effective Governance is a partnership between the Board and the operational arm of an organization.
The board undertakes specific functions as a governance body:

1) They set strategic direction for the organization, on behalf of membership
2) The review the operational budget, in consideration of the achievement of goals for the organization
3) They assure compliance management regarding policy, financial management and the use of public funds.
4) They utilize knowledge, connections and skills when requested to assist in driving the organization forward.
5) The board speaks through the Chair as a unified voice on issues.
6) The Chair is the primary conduit to the operational arm of the organization.
Board Structure and Responsibilities
Core Structure:
- Executive:
Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
Minimum of 5 Directors and maximum of 12 Directors, including Executive members

Appointment and Duration:
- Directors must be members of the ASK Wellness Society as outlined in the Association’s Constitution and Bylaws
- Directors are elected for a two-year term by the membership at the annual general meeting
- Any Director who misses 3 consecutive Board of Directors meetings is deemed to no longer be a Director. The Board may grant a special dispensation if there are proven to be extraordinary circumstances before the 3 consecutive absences occur.

- TheBoard of Directors reports to the membership at the Annual General Meeting

- To fulfil the legal requirements and obligations of directors of a Society under the Societies Act and to govern the ASK Wellness Society according to its constitution, bylaws, stated policies and strategic plan, as amended from time to time.

Board Responsibilities:
- Monitor the financial statements
- Review internal policies, ensuring internal policies reflect the best interest of theAssociation
- Set policy
- MonitorASK Wellness Society Staff’s compliance of policies
- Conduct the ASK Wellness Society’s annual performance review and salary of the Executive Director
- Liaise with the Executive Director and members of the Management Team on both a regular and ad hoc basis

Director Responsibilities
- Commitment to the work of the ASK Wellness Society
- Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of board governance including, but not limited to law, finance,
management, social services, community relations, human resource management
- Attend board meetings and committee meetings, generally once per month or as issues arise
- Participate in board self-evaluations
- Participate in the annual strategic plan
- Attend the annual general meeting
- Be informed of the services and promotional programs provided by the ASK Wellness Society and publicly support them
- Be aware of and abstain from any conflict of interest
- Prepare for and participate in the discussions and deliberations of the board

Meeting Dates:
- Monthly board meetings as determined by the Board of Directors.

Application Form

Please fill out the following form. Fields marked with an * are required. If your application is successful someone from ASK Wellness will be in contact with you.
Board of Directors Application Form
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