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Mattress Recycling Program

The Mattress Recycling Program is a supported employment program that provides meaningful job opportunities to those with barriers to employment. The program was developed to not only provide employment experience in an industrial setting to people who have struggled to find and maintain employment, but to also provide the City of Kamloops with an environmentally beneficial initiative. Program participants remove mattresses from regional landfills, deconstruct them and recycle or repurpose the materials. This program was imagined with a mission to support individuals, our community and the planet, a trifecta of purposes in one small program.

The process is quite simple. Residents can bring their used mattresses to the City of Kamloops and Thompson Nicola Regional District landfills, where it will be picked up by our Mattress Recycling Team and brought to our warehouse. At this site, we start by de-constructing the mattresses and box springs and sorting materials into different areas of our production line for processing. Through this process, we divert 85% of the waste of each mattress from city landfills, with the goal of one day diverting 100% of the mattress waste for a truly completed circular economy. Foam is pulled from the frame of the mattress and compacted into bales for recycling, spring coils are meticulously removed and placed with metal recycling, and wood frames are refurbished into planter boxes, firewood bundles, and pallets for a local manufacturing company that ships their products worldwide. Every month, approximately 900 mattresses are processed.

The program aims to extend the lifeline of our regional landfills while contributing to a circular local economy and, most importantly, create meaningful job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment. For more information, please contact Patti Moores, Employment Development Lead, at 236-313-1409 or

NOTE: This program does not pick up mattresses from residential sites. If you would like to dispose of a mattress, please bring it to the landfill.