The ASK Wellness Society would like to acknowledge that our programs and facilities operate on Secwepemcúl'ecw, Nłeʔkepmx Tmíxʷ, and Syilx tmixʷ traditional and unceded territories.
September 19, 2023

The ASK Amazing Race

On Friday September 15th 2023, ASK Wellness Society hosted their very own Amazing Race. Discover what the event had in store for participants.

On a sunny day in Kamloops, BC, the green expanses of Pioneer Park buzzed not only with the whispers of leaves, but with the vibrant energy of teamwork and fun. ASK Wellness Society, an organization synonymous with community growth and support, played host to an incredible team-building event that took the form of Kamloops’ very own Amazing Race.

Eight spirited teams embarked on a grand adventure, leveraging their wit, agility, and teamwork to decipher clues as they raced through Kamloops' picturesque landscapes to various checkpoints. Each clue brought them closer to the finish line, but not without challenging them to embody the Society’s values of adaptation, inclusivity, trust, compassion, and hope - values that are the cornerstone of ASK Wellness Society’s philosophy.

The Journey

The exciting journey kick-started with “Something about Mary,” where teams were greeted by Mary, a team member who held the golden thread to their next destination at the Maverick Supportive Recovery and Career Development Centre. Fashioned as “hunting”, teams showcased their archery skills by shooting a bow and arrow at balloon targets. Each balloon held a question about the Maverick or about Indigenous history and culture. By answering the question correctly, teams were routed to the Yew Street Food Hall.

More Than Just a Race

The event was not just a test of speed but a celebration of community, a value deeply ingrained in ASK Wellness Society's mission. Once at Yew Street Food Hall, a series of cryptic pictures led people towards Harvest Moon Bakery, where a box of donated treats was given to each team. The teams dropped off the goodies at Kamloops Immigration Services, where they learned common greetings across various languages. This leg of the race allowed people the opportunity to learn about the essential services provided to new Canadians, while embracing the spirit of inclusivity and unity that Canada is known for.

A hilarious Diaper Relay awaited teams at the next stop, and while humorous, it highlighted the importance of early support through the Baby’s Head Start program, operated by Interior Community Services (ICS). Teams laughed, cheered, and exhibited fantastic team spirit as they raced to dress baby mannequins in a relay that symbolized the nurturing environment that the program fosters.

The teams then found themselves stepping back in time at St. Andrews on the Square, one of the oldest public buildings in Kamloops, enriching their journey with a touch of history. Here, they faced a creative obstacle course that demanded coordination and strategizing, truly exemplifying the essence of teamwork.

A Finale Filled with Reflection and Joy

As the race neared its end, the teams reached Riverside Park, where they were welcomed by the vibrant hues of the rose garden on the west end of the park. It was here that they took a moment to reflect on how they had embraced ASK Wellness Society’s core values throughout the race - a heartwarming pause that fostered deeper connections and enriched their understanding of community values.

Finally, the grand finale awaited at the water park, where laughter echoed as every member, including ASK Wellness Society’s Executive Officer, Bob Hughes, and event organizer, Cher Doolan, took a joyous slide down the waterslide in their regular clothing. It was a finale filled with laughter, a splash of water, and a celebration of togetherness, symbolizing the unity and fun that is central to ASK Wellness Society’s community ethos.

ASK Wellness Society Culture

During the week prior, the amazing staff in the Merritt programs raced through similar obstacles and solved riddles catered to their community. As we look back at these phenomenal days of team-building, camaraderie, and joyous celebrations, we reflect on what it is like to work at ASK, where you become a part of an organization that fosters fun and connection. While at times, the work of the incredible staff can be challenging, every day is a step towards building a healthier, inclusive, and vibrant community.

If you are interested in becoming a part of ASK Wellness Society, where we focus not only work, but also growing, learning, and celebrating together, then please check out our careers page. Let’s continue to foster a community where everyone is welcome, with hope and compassion driving us forward as a team.

And to the participants - thank you for the vibrant energy that you brought to the races!

Article written by 
ASK Wellness Society

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