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May 28, 2024

Staff Training Event with Cultivate Leadership: Elevating ASK Wellness Society

The collaboration between ASK Wellness and Cultivate Leadership underscores the importance of continuous professional development in achieving organizational goals.

ASK Wellness Society recently participated in a transformative training event hosted by Coby Fulton at Cultivate Leadership. This event was a vital step for ASK Wellness Society coordinators as they continue their mission to support individuals who are marginalized and at-risk through outreach, housing, health, education, and employment services. Coordinators traveled from across the region to be in attendance.

Cultivate Leadership: Empowering Organizations

Cultivate Leadership specializes in developing leadership skills through a variety of services tailored to meet the needs of organizations. They offer:

  • Coaching: Individual and team coaching sessions focused on shifting mindsets, building capacity, and unlocking potential. Cultivate Leadership's confidential and client-focused approach helps leaders tackle challenges with newfound confidence.
  • Leadership Development: Comprehensive and customizable programs designed to enhance leadership skills. These programs include evidence-backed training and 360 leadership development assessments to foster growth and capacity-building among leaders.
  • Team Development: Workshops aimed at building trust, fostering psychological safety, and enhancing team connectedness. These sessions are crucial for creating a positive workplace culture where teams can thrive.

The training provided by Cultivate Leadership aligns perfectly with ASK Wellness Society's core values of inclusivity, trust, compassion, adaptation, and hope. By focusing on self-awareness, communication, influence, and learning agility, Cultivate Leadership helps organizations like ASK Wellness Society develop the fundamental skills necessary for effective leadership.

Impact on ASK Wellness Society Coordinators

For ASK Wellness Society coordinators, attending the training event at Cultivate Leadership was invaluable. The experience allowed them to delve deeper into the core values of the organization and explore ways to enhance their impact on the community. Key benefits included:

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Coordinators gained insights into their personal leadership styles and how they can leverage their strengths to foster a supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Improved Communication: The training emphasized the importance of transparent and productive conversations, enabling coordinators to better navigate conflicts and provide effective feedback.
  • Strengthened Team Cohesion: By participating in team development workshops, ASK Wellness Society coordinators learned strategies to build trust and psychological safety within their teams, leading to more cohesive and high-performing units.
  • Alignment with Mission: The training reinforced the mission of ASK Wellness Society to support those in need. Coordinators left with actionable steps to further their commitment to providing outreach, housing, health, and employment services.

The collaboration between ASK Wellness Society and Cultivate Leadership underscores the importance of continuous professional development in achieving organizational goals. As ASK Wellness Society coordinators implement the skills and insights gained from this training, they are better equipped to lead their teams and drive positive change within their communities.

This training event is a testament to the ongoing commitment of ASK Wellness Society to uphold its values and mission, ensuring that they continue to provide critical support to those who need it most.

Article written by 
ASK Wellness Society

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