The ASK Wellness Society would like to acknowledge that our programs and facilities operate on Secwepemcúl'ecw, Nłeʔkepmx Tmíxʷ, and Syilx tmixʷ traditional and unceded territories. 


Kamloops Main Office

433 Tranquille Rd
Kamloops, BC
V2B 3G9
Phone: 250-376-7558
The ASK Wellness Society would like to acknowledge that we operate and work on the traditional and unceded Secwepemcúl'ecw territory.

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When there is nowhere else to go, ASK Wellness will care for and provide services to those living on the streets.
Streets Program


ASK Wellness will seek out and provide housing to return dignity to those in need.
Homes Program


ASK wellness helps those who have fallen through the cracks to find adequate health options.
Health Program


Gainful employment helps people on their road to recovery. ASK wellness provides connections to employment opportunities.
Employment Program



The ASK Wellness Society provides a range of street outreach services designed to support members of our community facing homelessness, mental health, addiction, or a combination of these factors. This is done through a two-pronged approach of Harm Reduction and Education.

Harm Reduction

The overdose prevention site located at the back of 433 Tranquille Rd.

Overdose Prevention Site

Open from 8:30-4:30 daily (except for statutory holidays) and located at the back of our main office at 433 Tranquille Rd, the Overdose Prevention Site (OPS) offers harm reduction supplies (injection and inhalation) and services as well as education to our community. This location serves as a first point of contact for the homeless or anybody who is affected by substance use and does not know where to turn and from this site, we are able to connect people with health and housing services.
Other services offered by OPS include an observation room where people can use (injection only) under the supervision of a trained worker who can intervene if there is an overdose, walk-abouts in the community to clean up harm reduction materials and connect with our service population, distributing Naloxone kits, and a needle pick up hotline.

For needle pick ups or for more information on the Overdose Prevention Site please call Karly at 778-257-1292.
The observation room located within the Overdose Prevention Site

Community Drug Checking

Testing is fast (5-10 minutes), anonymous (no personal data is collected), and free to the public. We offer 2 types of tests:
Fentanyl Dipstick
This test provides a rapid screening for fentanyl and is available at our 433 Tranquille Rd location during regular business hours.
Advanced Testing (FTIR Spectrometry)
This provides much more information including identifying drugs and cuts as well as the approximate strength of components in the required mixture. Advanced testing is nondestructive and drug samples can be returned.
If you have any questions regarding Community Drug Checking, please contact Kile McKenna at or by phone at 250-299-7219.


Naloxone Training
The ASK Wellness Society has trained hundreds of our fellow community members on how to provide life-saving Naloxone in case of an overdose. Training is offered in one to one or group settings, can be at our site or at yours, and is hands on.
For more information or to book a training, call Karly at 778-257-1292.

Social and Health Options for Persons in the Sex Trade (SHOP)

SHOP provides outreach and support services to people in sex work. This is done with a three part approach of Community Development, Outreach, and Programming. In SHOP we are rooted in harm reduction services and social justice practices. Our client centred approach ensures people are heard, valued, and supported.
The SHOP office is located at 433 Tranquille Rd and anybody looking to contact the program or get more information can e-mail To contact the program by phone, call Jill at 250-571-4370 or Melissa at 250-320-1667.

Community Development

Education Initiatives
- Collaborative focus on those live at risk, are vulnerable, and youth.
- Continuum of choice and consent
- Red Light Alerts and community collaboration
Bridging Relationships
- Working with landlords and the Housing Outreach Team to compliment ASK’s Streets-Homes-Health- Employment continuum
Creating Opportunities
- Building relationships with businesses, neighbourhood groups, and other stakeholders
Improving Health and Safety
- We work to improve the health and safety of our community through crisis intervention and harm reduction strategies.
If you have any questions regarding Community Drug Checking, please contact Kile McKenna at or by phone at 250-299-7219.


- Street and Online Outreach
- Work Safe Practice and Education
- Anonymous Access to Condoms and Lubrication
- Red Light Alerts (links to red light alert)
- Access to Health/Housing Services
- Blood Borne Infections/Health Navigation
- HIV/HEP C information
- Advocacy
- Harm Reduction Supplies, Services, and Education
- Access to Clothing Room and Toiletries
- Shower and Laundry Facilities
- Internet Access
- One to One Supportive Counselling
- Support for Families of Sex Workers

Watch out for this decal on our Outreach Workers vehicles if you ever need help or have questions.


Safe Suite
– A 24 hour staffed, confidential, and safe short term shelter.

- Support Sessions and Advocacy – SHOP staff work closely with community resources and are strong advocates for Sex Workers. We can help guide you to achieve your goals.
Evening Outreach
The ASK Wellness Society Street Outreach and SHOP Outreach collaborate to provide Outreach and Overdose Prevention Services to the Kamloops community.

Thursday S.H.O.P. Feast and Health Connect (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM)

This nutritious meal is provided by our generous volunteers and allows Sex Workers to enjoy a warm meal and access to staff and street nurses.
***NOTE: Due to Covid 19 restrictions we are unable to offer the meal portion of this program, however we are still able to offer the health connect portion***

Have a question? Click here to send a direct message to one of our outreach workers.
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Located at 433 Tranquille Rd, SHOP is a safe space for anybody who needs it.


Housing Outreach and Crisis Funding

Our main office at 433 Tranquille Rd
Located within the main Kamloops office at 433 Tranquille Rd, the Housing Outreach Team is here to work with community members who need support to maintain or find safe and secure housing. Through funding provided by BC Housing and local fundraising efforts, our Housing Outreach Workers can provide damage deposit assistance, funding for emergency repairs, funding for security deposits, and rent subsidies. This financial support is not intended to be ongoing, but rather for situations that leave a family or individual in a position that potentially could make them homeless, lose access to food, and/or negatively impact their health. We also work clients to develop life skills such as budgeting, basic cleanliness, and communication skills to ensure they have the best chance to succeed in maintaining their housing.
For those who are not able to access the residential tenancy market due to mental health, addiction, or other factors, the Housing Outreach Team serves as a first point of contact for those who need Supportive or Transitional Housing (see more on these forms of housing below).

The Housing Outreach Team is welcoming drop-in appointments to complete an intake and have a worker assigned to you. These are available at the following times:

Monday: 1:00 - 3:30
Tuesday: 9:00 - 11:30 and 1:00 - 3:30
Wednesday: 1:00 - 3:30
Thursday: 9:00 - 11:30 and 1:00 - 3:30
Friday: 9:00 - 11:30 and 1:00 - 3:30

Not sure whether the Housing Outreach Team can help you? Click here to message a member of the team with any of your housing related questions.

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Supportive Housing

The Supportive housing facilities operated by the ASK Wellness Society provide vulnerable members of our community experiencing mental health and substance use issues with safe and affordable housing. These programs also benefit the community itself by decreasing the need for by-law to address issues involving these individuals when they do not have safe and affordable housing.

All Supportive housing programs provide client-focused support on problem solving, safety, documentation such as identification, harm reduction, health navigation, and overall life skills. Clients who choose to can participate in wellness planning with a focus on their health, welfare, and safety.

In order to be eligible for Supportive Housing in Kamloops you are required to take part in the Vulnerability Assessment Tool (VAT) to determine which housing option is the best fit. To have one completed or for more information you can call our main office at 250-376-7558 EXT 0. 

The supportive housing units currently do not have any vacancies and there is a tremendous amount of demand amongst individuals who are long term residents of the Kamloops community. Due to the current high demand, it is not recommended to relocate to Kamloops with the expectation that affordable and supportive housing is available.

All Supportive Housing facilities have staffing 24 hours per day.

All Supportive Housing is funded by BC Housing.

Crossroads Inn

50 units located at the corner of Sixth and Seymour.

The Crossroads Inn also serves as the ASK Wellness Society’s Downtown harm reduction site with materials available to the public and access to our BBI Health Navigation worker.

Mission Flats Manor

54 units located on Mission Flats Rd.

This program includes a meal meals for clients as well as access to a full time nurse who can assist with medication, treat wounds, and provide additional health navigation.

Spero House

58 units located on Tranquille Rd.

This program includes a meal meals for clients as well as access to a full time nurse who can assist with medication, treat wounds, and provide additional health navigation.

Transitional Housing

The Transitional Housing Facilities operated by the ASK Wellness Society are designed for clients who have reached a level of stability to where they are preparing for a transition out of housing with supports.

These programs provide client-focused support on problem solving, safety, documentation such as identification, harm reduction, health navigation, and overall life skills. Clients who choose to can participate in wellness planning with a focus on their health, welfare, and safety.
All Transitional Housing programs are staffed during regular business hours.

For information on how to apply for Transitional Housing, contact the Housing Outreach Team at 250-376-7558 EXT 0.

Henry Leland House

28 units located on St. Paul St.
This is a semi-supportive housing facility for those who have found stability in their lives and only require minimal support. Funded by BC Housing.

Maverick Manor

42 units located in Aberdeen.

This program is designed to help clients seeking to enter the work force, take part in volunteer activities if they are unable to gain employment, or generally establish a connection to community. Services offered at this site include access to Work BC outreach workers who can help with employment related goals.

Affordable and/or 55+ Housing

Tina Baptiste Suites

11 units located in Downtown Kamloops.
These suites are leased to ASK Wellness through by Kelson Group. This is not a program and provides residential tenancies to residents who need affordable housing.

For more information contact the Housing Outreach Team at 250-376-7558 EXT 0

Powell House

13 units located in North Kamloops.

This building is owned and operated by the ASK Wellness Society with funding from BC Housing. This is not a program and provides residential tenancies to residents who need affordable housing.

For more information contact the Housing Outreach Team at 250-376-7558 EXT 0


12 units within a 60+ building in Downtown Kamloops.
With a connection to the ASK Wellness Society’s Health Navigation team, the goal of this housing program is to reduce senior homelessness.

For more information contact Laurie at 250-299-5017.

Bridgeway Manor

Located in Downtown Kamloops.

While residents do sign residential tenancy agreements, Bridgeway Manor does have a life skills worker on site during regular business hours and the intention of these tenancies are to lead to more permanent housing elsewhere.

This site also houses Surge units which are short term housing for people who are exiting the hospital to homelessness.

For more information contact the Housing Outreach Team at 250-376-7558 EXT 0

Stollery Suites on Spirit Square

25 units of 55+ housing in North Kamloops.

This facility is designed for individuals who are living with a chronic health condition but able to live independently and have a low and fixed income. This site offers studio, adaptable, accessible, and one bedroom suites.

For more information on the application process for these units please contact Leanne Maloney at or 250-571-9105.

You can also apply online by clicking the link below.
Apply Now

Cookie's Place

55+ Housing in Aberdeen

Coming in 2021

Tenant Development/Rapid Rehousing

The Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program in partnership with Interior Health provides wrap around services for individuals with a Primary Access 1 mental health diagnosis with the goal of helping them stabilize, thus reducing their frequency in the ER and jails. This program has been successful in various communities throughout BC and became operational in Kamloops in the spring of 2015. The Kamloops ACT team has multi-disciplinary dedicated staff including a psychiatrist, occupational therapist, nurses, life skills workers, administrative coordinator and housing supports. Each ACT participant has a program tailored to their specific needs but all include daily check-ins with the various support workers. Funded by Interior Health.


Health Navigation, Blood Borne Infection Management and Harm Reduction

We have a team of qualified staff to help clients improve their health. Whether it be to help manage medications or finding a doctor or drive to Kelowna/Vancouver for a specialist appointment, we can help and provide hope. Through this service, we create a common purpose of building capacity to have positive impact on the quality of life of individuals living with complex health needs. We also provide needle exchange and harm reduction supplies at all of our locations and housing facilities. This program is funded by Interior Health.

The ASK Wellness Society Health Navigation Team has a health educator who provides medical advocacy, health assistance, connection to treatment, education about treatment and disorders, transportation to medical appointments, and referrals to services we are unable to provide. This is the only HIV/Hep C community-based program in Kamloops and has a focus on reducing stigma and providing education.

ASK Wellness recognizes the lack of options available for 2SLGBTQ+ people throughout ASK programs. With the health navigation program, the health educator will now offer specified assistance, education, and resources to those who are transitioning, questioning their gender identity and/or sexual orientation, and/or are in the coming out process. Services also include information and assistance with finding access to medical and social resources, sexual health education, and emotional support.

Adult Addiction and Supportive Housing (AASH)

In partnership with Interior Health, we provide supports and housing to those individuals who have successfully gone through detox and wish further assistance to become contributing community members. Through 24hour supports, wellness planning and group meetings, many have seen success. This program always has several people on a wait list.  This program is funded by Interior Health.

Mental Health and Independent Supportive Housing (MHASH)

Provides supports and housing to those individuals who are struggling with mental health issues and wish further assistance to become contributing community members. Through 24hour supports, wellness planning and group meetings, many have seen success.  This program is funded by Interior Health.

Community Integration and Developmental Disabilities Supports

Through a contract with Community Living BC (CLBC), a provincial crown agency, we assist by delivering supports and services to adults with developmental disabilities and those struggling with mental illness to create communities where people have more choices about how they live, work and contribute. This program is funded by Community Living BC.

Tablet Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment (TiOAT)

The TiOAT office located at 433 Tranquille RdTiOAT is a program for people living with opioid use disorders who have not had success with traditional treatment options like Methadone, Suboxone, or Kadian.

Clients will be assessed by a physician and if eligible, will receive one or two Dilaudid 8mg tablets (aka dilly 8’s) up to 5 times daily as needed. Clients my apply for dose increase once stable on the program. They may inject the tablets (under supervision) or they make take them orally (witnessed). There are no take home doses.
Clients are encouraged to continue or restart Opioid Agonist Treatment (Methadone or Kadian) while on the program, but it is not a requirement to participate.

This is a pilot program and will be evaluated by the BC Centre on Substance Use.
The TiOAT office located at 433 Tranquille Rd
- Engagement with health care
- Decrease or stop illicit drug use
- Create community and build relationships
- Decrease risk of overdose
- Connection to services
- Stabilize addiction
- Able to consent and participate in treatment goals
- Diagnosed with Severe Opioid Use Disorder, with an established history of using opioids like fentanyl or heroin
- Has tried Opioid Agonist Treatment in the past (such as Methadone, Suboxone, or Kadian) without success or continues to use illicit opioids despite treatment
- History of opioid overdoses
- At high risk for other health conditions related to their substance use, such as HIV, Hepatitis C, infections, or death
- 19 years or older
Referral Process:
- Complete the referral form by clicking the button below
- Clients may self-refer by calling 250-682-3223
- Once referrals are received and processed, the client will be scheduled for an intake appointment with the physician
- After the intake is completed and approved, you will be contacted with a start date. If the program is full, the client will be added to a waitlist
Complete Referral Form


Mattress Recycling Program

Every month, the ASK Wellness Mattress Recycling Program diverts approximately 800 mattresses from regional landfills across the Thompson Nicola Regional District (TNRD). The program aims to extend the lifeline of our local city landfills while contributing to a circular local economy and, most importantly, meaningful job opportunities for individuals with barriers to employment.

We start by de-constructing the mattresses and box springs and sorting materials into different areas of our production line for processing. Through this process, we divert 85% of the waste of each mattress from city landfills, with the goal of one day diverting 100% of the mattress waste for a truly completed circular economy. Foam is pulled from the frame of the mattress and compacted into bales for recycling, spring coils are meticulously removed and placed with metal recycling, and wood frames are refurbished into pallets for a local manufacturing company that ships their products worldwide.
Workers strip the mattresses on Mission Flats Rd.
Mattresses from the Kamloops landfill are picked up by the Mattress Recycling Team and brought to the warehouse.
This final step is where we are seeking community aid. The time required for pallet conversion does not allow us to currently keep up with the accumulation of wood being removed from the mattresses. We are reaching out to the Kamloops community with the hope of finding a company, or multiple companies, who could utilize this wood within their own production process. Should you be interested in finding out more, please contact Renata Mrema at 1-236-313-1409.
ASK Wellness is COA Accredited
COA accreditation signifies that an organization or program is effectively managing its resources and providing the best possible services to all of its stakeholders. It also signifies that an organization or program meets standards of quality set forth by the COA accrediting body.

For more information about COA accreditation visit
HIV/AIDS or HEP C Questions?
Need testing or support?
Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Darlene A. Webb
Coordinator of Population Health and Second Stage Housing
250 214 5948
The ASK Wellness Society is working towards providing and improving the available resources for 2sLGBTQ+ individuals in our communities by implementing 2SLGBTQ+ outlets at our sites and through advocating for 2SLGBTQ+ rights and respect. We welcome all and any members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community to access our resources.
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