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October 10, 2018

Glenn's Story

ASK Wellness would like to share the story of Glenn.

I am taking the time to write about my experience with the ASK Wellness Program so that others may take advantage of all that it has to offer.

I was just an ordinary guy, earning above average wage in jobs I loved raising three kids, with my wife, owned a beautiful 4-bedroom newer home in a quiet suburb of Vancouver when I got laid off and my wife divorced me, taking the kids with her. My life went downhill further and faster when I met another woman, married her then found out that she did a lot of cocaine. I found I needed help when I arrived in Kamloops living in my motorhome, drunk every day and feeling lost, hopeless and useless as a dad and a man.

This is a very, very, short version but enough of a backstory to give the reader an idea of where I was. I had no hope of evening regaining any feelings of confidence, or self-worth. I could not even look my kids in the face. Living in my motorhome, no gas, no license, nowhere to go, no money, no food.

It was 2009 and I was 58 years old. I was looking for help. I thought to find an apartment to rent and that’s where I met the people from ASK Wellness Matt told me of and I enrolled in the course they offered they would rent me a room at Crossroads Inn. I agreed and the very night before I was to move in I got another DUI, the second one in as many months.

Matt and the councilor I was assigned to were very helpful and helped me to get settled in. I went, faithfully to class every morning for half a day for 6 months. It was good for me to build up a routine again. We covered all kinds of information about drugs, alcohol and the effects on our bodies, brains and lives. I found myself beginning to feel again… feel hopeful, nourished, and began talking to my kids. Even eventually seeing them. All this was possible because of the emotional support given to me by the ASK staff at Crossroads. They also helped me get on my feet financially by getting me in touch with the appropriate government agencies.

I can’t express enough how much it meant to me to have the guidance and emotional support to help me through those early months of recovery. I got to know such great people such as Bob Hughes, and Matt Mclean, without who’s help I wouldn’t have made it through.

I received a certificate upon completion of the course in January 2010 and also at that time I was introduced to an apartment at a senior society here.

So I now had my own clean apartment, one I could afford with people within 5-10 years of my age.

I was still pretty raw around the edge’s but ASK gave me all the tools I needed to successfully grow my life starting here. It has been a lot of work but I am still in that apartment building but have upgraded to a one bedroom suite outlooking the park and river.

I am now 65 years old and on a full senior pension. I have an apartment full of new furniture and a big screen, home theatre surround sound, another flat screen in my bedroom. I have reestablished my status as a father within my family and see my kids and now a grandkid who’s 4 regularly. I am an active part of my kids’ lives. I cleaned up my past debts, reestablished credit, did my time in Regional jail for all the DUI’s and other fines.

I can finally say I have my life back, overhauled?

To Bob, Matt and all the others at ASK Wellness during those early ears, I say thank you. I would not have this life if not for you and the program. I am a very, grateful man.

Best Regards,

Glenn Shaw

Article written by 
ASK Wellness Society

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